Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who likes Blog Candy..? I do!

Now I generally don't post all the blog candy giveaways that I come across - just not enough hours in the day sometimes....but this one was toooooo delicious not too...
Bridgette at Scrappin Bridge makes these absolutely gorgeous flowers and well - you guessed it - she's giving some away as blog candy...ooooohhhh mine mine mine mine mine!!! LOL!
here's her link: Scrappin Bridge . Now here's a pic of the candy...

Soooo delish? Yes?

I have a couple of DT layouts to share with you all really really really soon (I promise!!) I just need to be patient a little longer ...I know.. patience really isn't one of my strong points LOL.

Hugs Cxxx


  1. Oh this does look divine, wow, I know what you mean about blog candy, wow just love this though.

  2. thanks corrina i am now a follower on your blog and will link you on my blog list your pages are gorgeous love them
    good luck

  3. Wow these flowers are delish! you have a beautiful blog


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