Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some cards - coz I needed them!

Hey all... just flying thru again at a million miles an hour (I swear things never seem to slow down around here!) with a couple of cards I made. (coz I had to, needed to, wanted to be scrapping instead!) Seriously though, how many birthdays can there possibly be in one month???? March seems to be population boom month around here...anyway,  the buzz  & bloom chipboard and the patterned papers were from My 2 Angels (clicky clicky linky linky)...

The first card I started from the paper and worked my way thru colour schemes to match. The 2-4th cards  had a bit of theme going with the purple and green and cupcakes so I kinda ran with it (very handy considering I was extremely time poor and needed these 3 cards like yesterday, and as they were for 3 people who knew each other I couldn't cheat and copy the one card LOL!!)

Roll on holidays, I need to breathe!
Hugs C xx
P.S...should be back on soon with a LO I've nearly finished.... :-)


  1. Okay I have lots of birthdays coming up as well so I will order 4 of each please, I will send the supplies PML a girls gotta try ah?
    They are brilliant and I love the centre piece of the flower with the MM paper

  2. Stunning cards Corrina! Love them all! Hope you have a great Easter. :)

  3. beautiful cards!! I love what you did with the Buzz and Bloom chipboards :)

  4. Cool cards Corrina!! Especially love the last one with the big flower and the cupcake pin!! Gorgeous as always! :)

  5. Lovely cards Corrina, nice bright & cheery! happy Easter to you. Hugs Clare xxx

  6. Wow. You certainly have a way with cards, Corrina. They are all beautiful. Don't suppose anyone would know if I copied one...Lol!

  7. Gorgeous cards Corrina. Anybody would be thrilled to receive one of these on their special day :)

  8. Beautiful cards, they all look great. I love those cute little cupcakes :)


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