Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Mr B is Seven.. and a Card Class Sneak Peek..

Hi all... well things finally slowed down here a little this weekend (whew!). Just have Little Mr B's 7th birthday party to get thru this afternoon and all will calm in the burrow. I will post pics of his cake (hopefully) when it is done - I am making  him a Volcano complete with T-Rex standing guard out of chocolate cupcakes so I can't finish the assembly until we are at the party gym. Fingers crossed for me!
EDIT: here is the cake...LOL!!

Making a wish! My gorgeous boy...and whose fingers are those Max???

I've been asked to teach a card class this month at Scrapbooks From The Heart so I thought I would share a little sneaky peek of the four cards I have made:

These cards have been made from two card sketches I designed for the class. In this class you will learn to use the two sketches to make 4 cards - a masculine and a feminine version of each sketch. If you want more info on the class then contact SFTH and the lovely ladies there are more than happy to give you the details.

Ahhhh what a beautiful day back to cake making.... and I must remember to pack the panadol for the massive headache I am about to get once all the kids are there LOL!

Hugs C x


  1. Love the sneak peaks and those butterflies are gorgeous! Is it a stamp?

  2. WOW! So glad I saw this after the edit!! That cake looks awesome, very clever!! Hope Mr B had a lovely party! Sneak peeks look gorgeous .... that 2nd one looks like it might have something on it I need to borrow!?! LOL!! W x

  3. Wow, I just love love the cake, amazing, I have my 3 yr old looking on, he is super wanting one of these for his next b'day, please share how you created this, it is so awesome, looking forward to the full size of those gorgeous sneak picks.

  4. What a fab cake Corrina! How wonderful it was for your son....

    Love your sneaky gorgeous!!

  5. Check out that cake! Awesome. Hope he had a good time.

  6. Those card sneaks look great!

    And that cake is amazing!!!! How on earth did you come up with that idea?? It looks incredible!


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