Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pondering the Creative Process

I was sitting here at my desk, gathering stuff together for my next page, and I was picturing myself as broody chicken sitting on her nest when I am about to create something (paint fumes will do that to you!!). I gather bits together to 'feather my nest'... I get out some photos to look at and consider (sitting on my eggs), I sit a while (brooding), I surf the net awhile (brooding some more), I check my emails (ok, I know, now I'm procrastinating!) then I reach for the papers and start putting elements together (eggs start hatching)... off to hatch an egg or two now...LOL

Later Cx


  1. Hi there Corrina. Can't wait to see what you hatched. Lol. Love all your work here on your blog. Your cards are adorable!!

  2. Well? ... have you hatched anything yet??? :-)


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